Leisure Activities

Hiking is one of the favored leisure activities in the Palatinate. People hike from castle to fortress and from shelter to shelter with a backpack. The area of Leinsweiler alone offers 65 kilometers of hiking trails for exciting excursions from one to six hours.

Nordic Walking is another great activity in our region. Professional trainers especially founded a Nordic Active Walking Center in order to teach this type of sport in a way that is best for your health.

Swimming in the Waldsee next to Erlenbach is considered a highly welcome refreshment.

You can also take a bike tour through the southern part of the Palatinate. That is, if you do not prefer a ride in one of our horse-drawn carriages.

If you are the adventurous type, you can also attempt a tandem jump with a parachute from a height of 4,000 meters in Schweighofen.

An 18-lich golf course is also not far away.

How about a ride in a hot air balloon starting from Eberberg near Landau? But you can also visit the Holiday Park in Hassloch or the nearby wildlife and hiking park in Silz.

Nordic Walking

The Leinsweiler Hof offers its guests different rooms, suites and duplex rooms. Combine your stay with a Nordic Walking course or set out for a hike for yourself to experience the breathtaking landscape with its vineyards and forests.


Villages and Wineries

The mediterranean flair of the region surrounding Leinsweiler is often called the Tuscany of Germany. If you visit the Leinsweiler Hof, you will quickly learn to appreciate the special qualities of this vacation region.

Deutsche Weinstraße

Wine determines the special character of our landscape. It has a positive influence on our senses and surely contributes to the cheerfulness of the people living here. It also generates the friendly atmosphere hat turns any contact with the locals into an easygoing affair. Feel free to stop by. Come in and enjoy our wines. Make friends with the people, the vineyards and the great countryside.

Take a seat in one of the many wine cellars. Enjoy a good wine and a good meal that might be simple but symbolizes our dedication to good food and good wine. Visit one of the many gourmet restaurants and experience the cuisine that is based on the many good things this heavenly country has to offer.


Active Cycling Fun

If you come to the Southern Palatinate with your bycicle, you are in for numerous cycling tracks. Multiple service stations are there to assist you and a booklet with 22 recommended tours will help you to find exactly the tour that matches your interests.

Along the way you will find the most beautiful places to stop and rest. Simply ask us and we will give you an idea of where to ride and what to see.

Ancient Witnesses of History

There are multiple ways to approach the castles and fortresses of the Southern Pilatinate. We have lots of them and you can take your time to see all of them.

In the Palatinate Forest and also in the Northern Vosges Mountains in France, almost every hill has a castle or fortress. Many of them are only ruins, but there are some that are still in good condition, such as Trifels Castle near Annweiler. An especially impressive sight is the old Madenburg, while Landeck Caste can be reached easily by car.

The Leinsweiler Hof Hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of the Madenburg and the Trifels and allows easy access to many other medieval installations of the region.


Palatinate Forest

Looking for rest and discovering pure nature

The hills of the Palatinate Forest form an endless lineup all the way to the French Vosges Mountains.

Here is where you find the rest you are looking for. Enjoy the cool forest air, the scent of pine resin, mushrooms and wild animals. You will hear the singing of birds and come across rare flowers, herbs and beetles. Pass impressive rock formations, discover hidden forest meadows and follow crystal clear creeks. Reach out for sunny valleys, moist biotopes and lots of green grass. Find relaxation for your mind and recuperation for your soul.

Palatinate Forest Biosphere Reserve

Discover our outstanding natural surroundings and cultural landscapes that are under special Unesco protection. Here is where people have developed new solutions to develop a harmonious and sustainable coexistence between human needs and untouched nature. Visit the Biosphere House in Fischbach and experience an exemplary and ambitioned natural center.

Ebenberg Natural Reserve

In the vicinity of Landau, a former military area has turned into an outstanding gem of nature. Thanks to engaged conservationists, this is where you can observe the biggest colony of the Big Abendsegler, which is a rare type of bat. In this area that was fenced in by the military for more than 100 years, you will also find Orchid species that have become extinct anywhere else.

Exemplary Educational Trails

If you visit any or our educational trails, you will quickly discover that nature is anything but boring. Here is where you find exciting explanations and impressive illustrations of the natural life surrounding us. Walk along the Creek Trail from Billigheim to Göcklingen or visit the historic vineyard Kalmitwingert in Ilbesheim. Not to forget the Bird Educational Trail in Gommersheim and the many wine-related educational trails all over the region.

Biotope for Storks

They feel comfortable especially in the area surrounding Steinfeld and on the Queich meadows close Offenbach. Here is also where easily observe the Storks that have returned to the region. Their return and settlement was supported by the Aktion Pfalzstorch and the Bornheim Storchenscheune. Here is also where you can learn everything about the living and nesting behavior of the storks.